What is ACT?

Anti-Terrorism Combat Training is a simple, but extremely effective ergonomic combat system we have designed to help you survive and become victorious over violence!

ACT is composed of decades of knowledge from training in various martial arts, law enforcement, anti-terrorism, and military systems. ACT is not self defense; IT IS SELF OFFENSE, that combats violence happening everyday in your community. It is not about fighting against global tyranny and terrorism.

ACT is one of the most efficient and effective systems for 5 reasons:

  1. Every disarm or technique has minimal movements (only 1 or 2 instead of 3, 4, or 5)
  2. Every movement is ergonomic and flows according to how the body is already
    designed to move
  3. ACT disarms not only control just the weapon or attacker, they control both
  4. ACT trains you to always be aware of and prepared for multiple attackers
  5. ACT techniques are designed to disarm professionals as well as amateurs

If you have ever thought about being caught in a life threatening, violent situation, work in an environment where violence is common, or are currently living with the misconception of the 6 deadly words “It will never happen to me!”, then please view our website more in depth to better understand what we do and how we can help you today!

What is JKD?

Jeet Kune Do is the scientific approach to unarmed combat developed by Bruce Lee. It is a non-classical martial art based on simplicity, directness, and economy of motion. JKD is the end result of Bruce Lee’s lifelong research and devotion to the martial arts.

If you have ever wanted to know the secrets that made Bruce Lee the greatest martial artist of our time, see his art performed live, or be trained exactly how his students were trained in his backyard, then check out our site more in depth to allow us to help you make your dreams come true!

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