ACT Seminar

What information will be covered in an ACT Seminar?
In the beginners ACT Seminar, you will be given an education in correct mental paradigm, the science of violence, physiology of bodily injury, first and best defense, breaking all holds, body weapons, daily environmental weapons within reach, firearm disarms and defenses, edge weapon disarms and defenses, combat from the ground, attempted vehicle abductions, defending multiple attackers, rape scenarios, and blunt object attacks!

How will I feel about the information I learned?
You will most likely leave the Seminar with a different perspective on life and an awakening on the ability your body actually possesses.  You will be overcome with confidence in the ability to protect yourself and family if a situation arose where you could have to take action. We design the Seminar to be very informative, effective, and professional while maintaining a “fun” atmosphere.

Will I just watch or actually participate?
Everyone is registered to participate.  We encourage everyone to participate; however, we do not force anyone to do anything they do not feel comfortable doing.  The instructors will demonstrate a technique, then walk around and give hands on instruction as you practice with your partner.  For more in depth takedowns, instructors may allow individuals to come to the front mat for a full speed takedown/disarm.

How many participants are there in a Seminar?
A Seminar will consist of 20-40 participants.  We keep quantity of people low in order to deliver a high quality of hands on instruction.  Every seminar is different, and the actual participant number will depend on the host, facility, and how many people register.

How long will the Seminar last?
The typical ACT Seminar last 5-6 hours.  Because we customize every Seminar for the Seminar host and participants, each Seminar length and information is different.  The main format is a one day 5-6 hour Seminar.  However, we work around host needs, whether it’s splitting into two day sessions for 3 hours each, or one hour per night, one night per week for 6 weeks, we are open to accommodate the host’s needs.

Will there be any breaks?
For the typical 5-6 hour Seminar, there is a 15-30 minute break scheduled in.  Because the training format is informal, participants are free to excuse themselves or move around at any time during the Seminar.

Should I bring anything?
We recommend you bring a lunch or snack.  Because you will be involved in physical activity, it is usually beneficial to bring a healthy snack, water, or sports drink to have during the break and throughout the Seminar.  If you sweat easily or heavily, it might be a good idea to bring a towel.  Photo cameras are allowed!

Anything I should not bring?
Under NO circumstances should you bring any weapons into the Seminar, whether they are real, props, or training gear.  We will supply all training weapons needed to practice with during the Seminar. It would also be wise not to bring any valuables (watches, rings, earrings) to prevent loss or theft of property.  We will ask you to remove any jewelry at the beginning of the Seminar, so no one gets injured while practicing with their partner.  Video cameras are NOT allowed.

What should I wear to a Seminar?
Something comfortable!  It’s best to wear athletic clothing that you can move and feel comfortable in. T-shirt, athletic shorts, sweat/wind pants, and running shoes are typical.  We ask that you be respectful of others and not wear anything that could be considered inappropriate or distract other participants’ attention.

Is there an age limit to participate?
15 years and older.

Do I need to be in good shape or have any previous training?
No.  It does not matter what physical shape you are in or what training, if any, you have had before.  The ACT System is unique because of its ergonomic movements, so anyone can be successful regardless of strength, physical fitness, conditioning, or previous training.

Will I receive a certificate for my participation?
Yes! At the end of each ACT Seminar, we award every participant an official ACT certificate of completion with your name and the written signatures of your Seminars instructors on it.

How do I pre-register for a Seminar?
It depends on the Seminar host.  Every Seminar is different; therefore the registration process will be different for each one.  You may contact us or your Seminar host for more in depth information on the registration process.

Where will my Seminar be held?
It depends on the Seminar host.  Typical locations for Seminars include gyms, conference rooms, churches, and professional training facilities.  Contact us for more information on a facility for your Seminar.

What are the dates available for a Seminar?
ACT Instructors tour worldwide the entire year.  If you are interested in hosting a seminar, contact us today for dates we still have open.  If you are interested in attending an ACT Seminar, contact us to see if we are holding a public Seminar in your area in the upcoming months.

How do I become a Seminar Host?
ANYONE can be a host of an ACT Seminar.  We will be happy to work together with you to help you host one of our Seminars. Contact us for details on how we can guide you in holding a Seminar for your group.

How much will it cost to host or participate in a Seminar?
It varies.  Because each Seminar has a different host or sponsor, cost and payment options vary.  Each Seminar is customized to fit the needs of the host, which changes the expenses and cost of the Seminar.  For information on pricing, contact us today!

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