Church/Usher Security

Church invasions have become common in today’s society!  What has your ministry done to secure your campus and allow the congregation to feel they can worship in a safe environment?

Through our involvement in full time pastoral and traveling ministry, we have gained valuable insight into securing ministry facilities and ministers.  Whether your ministry employs trained security personnel or volunteer ushers, we will train your staff in the most cost effective and successful ways to secure the minister, congregation, facility, and campus.  We will help you understand why church security today is a MUST for protective and legal reasons.

We will show you how to take preventative measures by placing your staff in strategic locations inside and outside the facility and training them what to look for in potential combatants.  You will realize why a body in a security uniform is NOT security and why it is practically useless.  We will also discuss the proper way to thwart and remove non-threatening disruptions before, during, or after a service.  You will receive an education in recognizing non human potential threats and security communications and accountability.  For individuals who become aggressive or yield weapons, we will train you in the most effective ACT disarms and tactics to take immediate control of a situation, while keeping the other patrons as safe as possible.

When training with the Israeli Special Ops, we learned valuable intelligence regarding churches and synagogues in the United States that we feel EVERY church HAVE TO KNOW!  Contact us today to get an Usher/Security Seminar set up for your church so you can receive this valuable information and training.

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