What We Do


We teach you how to survive!  By understanding the philosophy and physicality of violence, ACT trains you how to disarm firearms, edged weapons, blunt weapons, break and escape deadly chokes and holds, as well as defend against: car jacking, kidnapping, armed robbery, rape, spontaneous attempted murder, multiple attackers, and much more!

Our instructors take the information that has been acquired over a lifetime, to bring you the secrets only the elite military forces and martial artists know.  We are bringing this exclusive information to the general public for the first time.

What we don’t do is teach you self defense.  It takes a lot of time and skill to become a proficient and effective defender.  ACT is more simple and effective than most self-defense tactics.  What we do is teach you how to stop an attack by neutralizing the threat, surviving, and escaping alive.  We change your mental paradigm and give you the knowledge and confidence to know you can survive!  This is accomplished by training you with an anti-terrorist mentality, instead of a self defense or law enforcement mentality, which is what makes ACT unique!


We help pass on the skills, knowledge, and philosophy of Bruce Lee’s art through demonstrations, seminars, and private lessons.

We teach you the art of Jeet Kune Do the way Bruce Lee taught.  Through understanding his philosophy and the science of proper body alignment, we show you the quickest and most powerful strikes known to man!  We will train you how to use the most efficient and deceptive footwork combined with proper punches and kicks to become a dominant fighter.  Once we show you the techniques behind the art of Jeet Kune Do, you will understand even more why Bruce Lee changed the world!

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