Why We Do It


What if someone walked up to you right now and put a gun between your eyes!?  What if you faced multiple attackers with weapons!?  What would you do?  That’s why we do it!

We are here to help our fellow law abiding citizens, like you, be able to survive domestic terrorism and violent encounters when they randomly choose you as their target.  We are tired of seeing gangs, criminals, and domestic terrorists running rampant in our cities.  We want to share with you the exclusive system we have in order to get our streets back!

We don’t want you to be living in fear or the one that finds yourself maimed or killed because you are caught in a situation you aren’t prepared for that ACT can help you survive!


We do JKD Seminars and Demonstrations to promote Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do.

There are many people out there who say they know and teach Bruce Lee’s JKD.  However, Sifu Ted Wong was Bruce Lee’s close friend, protégé, and last private student.  Ted logged more training hours with Bruce than any other person.  He was the only individual who knew the end result of pure Jeet Kune Do as Lee taught at the end of his life.  Ted taught exactly what Bruce taught him in his backyard, and did not incorporate any other systems or styles into Lee’s art.

As students of Ted Wong, and two of his few certified JKD instructors in the world, we teach exactly what Bruce taught Ted.  Jeet Kune Do is how Bruce personally fought, NOT what he taught in his schools or in his earlier years.

Our dream is to showcase the martial AND the art of JKD!  We desire to share with you some of the secrets from JKD that made Bruce Lee a superstar!  We remain loyal to Sifu Ted Wong and Bruce Lee by helping to preserve the TRUE art of Jeet Kune Do!

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